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Discover The Way To Put Your Business On Autopilot... 
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With 7 Pre-Written AutoResponder Messages

Award Winning "AutoResponder Secret Courses"

By Teresa King & Patty Baldwin
(About The Authors)

Okay, you've bought your domain name, built your web site, placed some ads and now you're ready to have the profits come rolling in, right?  Or maybe you've been online for a little while and are getting frustrated with the never ending task of following up with your prospects?  Maybe you aren't following up at all? 

Because there is so much to learn, many new webmasters are totally overwhelmed with how-to information.  There really is a learning curve to doing business online, but all the time and money involved in preparation mean nothing if you are not following up. 

Statistics say that it takes at least 5 times for a potential customer to see your advertisement before they act on it.  You must follow up or perish!   The question is where to start?

That's where the award winning  "AutoResponder Secret Courses" comes in.  These ladies know their stuff and you can find out about them here.  What they know about marketing, advertising and sales hasn't even been written yet!

However, what they have done for you, is put together a comprehensive guide so you can put your business on autopilot with simple steps for you to follow.

"AutoResponder Secret Courses" takes you, step by step through the process of setting up an automated delivery system for your product or service.  In just a very few minutes you can be on your way to building one of the most crucial parts of your Internet career.

Here's a sample of what you'll learn:

  What are AutoResponders?
  How and Why they Work
  How and When to Use Them
  How to Write Them
  Where to Get Them
How to Design Them 
How to Set them Up
Cron Tab - What is that? 
7 Pre-written Courses with images and a hot headliner  that you get to use as is or change to your needs and you sign your name to them!

Here are a few of the 7 titles you will find for the pre-written Secret Auto Responder courses:

  • How to Improve Your Ad Campaign in 5 Easy Lessons!
  • Three Lessons to a Healthier, Happier You
  • 7 Easy Steps to Building Your Own Opt-in Newsletter
Each Course comes with a Graphic such as: 7 Days to Starting Any Online Business 
Offering a free course on your web site is very important. Having a picture of your product
increases your chances that they will sign up for your course. Patty Baldwin and Teresa
King know what it takes to get your customers to act on your Advertisement! 

Follow-up is such a crucial part of your online journey!  You deserve an Automated Delivery System! You can be reading this award winning ebook in less than 5 minutes.

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The award Winning AutoResponder Secret Courses was nominated by eBookWholeSaler Members who had a lot of fun choosing and voting for their favorite eBook for the Year 2002.

First Nomination and Testimonial:

This book caught my eye, because I own an autoresponder system, and it just seemed I could not get around to writing something someone else could understand. 

And then as a bonus, for me, they included the pre-written messages that I could copy and pass on. This book saved me a lot of time. 

-Kelvin Brown

The motion was immediately Seconded  with:

What I liked about this e-Book was that it not only supplied the information that can be applied and put into action but the auto messages ready for immediate use.... 

-Ken Kovach

And to get into the exciting race it needed a third motion
which was:

"Well, it's interesting. So many things going on when you try to get started, you overlook things. Until I saw this recommended twice, I had overlooked it. Wonderful book that I am sure will help me."  

Kim Winfrey

Other books were voted in and the voting was held in a private
poll with "AutoResponder Secret Courses" walking away with
the 2002 award of Excellence.   

Snag this book and you will know why it's a winner!  ORDER HERE NOW

P.S. Please Donít Order this product unless you are looking for a high quality, comprehensive guide so you can create your very own automated delivery system


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